Peter Hedenskog

My name is Peter Hedenskog and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I love Open Source and you can listen to my story on the Changelog episode 212.

Open Source

I like building tools and making them Open Source. 2012 I created a tool that helps you analyze your sites web performance. I've been working on it since then together with Tobias and Jonathan. You should use it so you make sure you don't waste your users precious time. It's now the no 1 Open Source Web Performance tool that you run on *nix.

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Sometimes I speak at conferences about Web Performance: Lighnting demo at Velocity Santa Clara, panel member at Edge Conf London and speaker at the Selenium Flagship Conference.

Selenium Flagship Conference 2016 London


I've been working as a developer since 1999. Today I work at the Wikimedia Foundation in the performance team. You can follow our work in Phabricator and you can follow how Wikipedia is doing in our graphs here and here. Everything we do is open and Open Source.