My projects is an open source tool that helps you analyze and optimize your website speed and performance based on performance best practices. It will collect data from multiple pages on your website analyze the pages using performance best practices rules and output the result as HTML-files, JUnit XML/TAP or send your metrics to Graphite. You can fork the project on Github or checkout the project directly at


Browser Time is an open source project that collects measurements and metrics using the Navigation Timing API. Read more about it @ Me & Tobias Lidskog are the creators of the project.


JDBC metrics is an open source tool that will help you get statistics from your JDBC driver. It gives you information of how many queries your web pages is generating and is all you need understand your database load. It is built by Magnus Lundberg and me.

Soulslove is my site where I write about tunes I love. I like listening to soul, reggae, dancehall, rap & house and when I have time I write about my favorite tracks (only in Swedish for now).

Computer Rule is a mixtape that pay tribute to the great Harry J and it also includes a couple of my other favorite tunes, hope you like it. Download and listen to it at was first released 1999. I had been looking for a site where you can listen to good soul music, but the only thing I found was some 60′s-northern sites. Where could you find good 90′s soul? Nowhere until was released.

I added some of my favorite soulful tunes (1000+) from 1990 until 2007 (then I didn’t have the time to work with the site). I added 2 minute snippets of each song in Real Audio format (haha, I couldn’t believe in 1999 that mp3 would be big on the net).

other smaller projects

I have a couple of small projects on Github (a Java HTTP-crawler, a image resize servlet and more), you can check them out here.