Downloads and stuff - 2015

04 February 2016

I'm late but I wanted to do a summary of what happened with during 2015. At the end of 2014 me and Tobias released the Node.js version. That gave us a cool feature: downloads statistics! Before we didn't know if we were the only ones using I kind of knew it had become popular but it's better with real numbers. A couple of months into 2015 we released Docker containers and that gave us even more statistics.

I spent a lot of my free time working on during 2015. We made 48 releases that year (almost one per week). I was also lucky to get a scholarship from The Swedish Internet Foundation so I could take 3 months off from my day job and work with the online version. I also hired a designer to design the look and feel for and a front end developer to do the CSS/HTML. During the three months I also Dockerized and released

If you want a full list of what we did you can check out the changlelog, we are pretty good at maintaining it. But lets talk about the downloads.

Downloads 2015

My goal for the year was 25000. I know, it is crazy numbers for a web performance tool but I thought maybe we could reach it. The fact is we got almost 200 000 downloads last year! The stats looks like this.



What's extra cool about the 14K downloads for the Graphite container is that hopefully most of them are people running their own web performance dashboard. That's super cool.

Downloads 2016

We don't have a goal for number of downloads in 2016 but we plan to release 4.0 in June this summer! It will be a total rewrite, supporting Chrome and Firefox and built upon many small applications (that hopefully will be used by other performance tools). You can read about 4.0 here and we really need your help to finish on time :)

Written by: Peter Hedenskog