Stockholm web performance meetup

24 November 2013

It's been a bit over six months now since me & PA started the Stockholm Web Performance meetup and on Tuesday the 26th it will be the third meetup. We have 40 seats and 27 people are waitlisted, WOW, I never thought these meetups would be so popular! The next one will focus on CDN:s, both from a CDN and a customer perspective, where Magnus Dahl (Sony Ericsson/Sony mobile/IKEA) and Daniel Almgren (Akamai/Telia Sonera) will be the guys telling us about their experience. I'm really looking forward to this meetup!

The last meetup we had David Rydell from Pingdom talking about the Velocity Santa Clara & Henrik Tengelin & Tobias Järlund showing us how Aftonbladet (Swedens largest newspaper) has built the mobile site.

The first meetup PA and me talked about the Navigation Timing API and the sites in Sweden providing the most unnecessary data to the end users because of the lack of following bad practice.

Today (the 24th of November 2013) we have 232 members of the meetup group, it is lovely that so many people in Stockholm care about web performance! The only problem now is that the meetup get full ridiculously quick.

It's great that we have had three companies that have sponsored the venues so far: Cybercom, Tradera & Connecta. We are looking for more sponsors, so feel free to ping me on Twitter if you can help us out with food/location and/or money for getting speakers outside of Sweden.

Written by: Peter Hedenskog