Hello sitespeed.io

12 October 2012

Finally after a couple of months late night work I'm releasing 1.0 of sitespeed.io! Sitespeed.io is an open source tool that helps you analyze and optimize your website speed and performance based on performance best practices. It collects data from multiple pages on your website, analyze the pages using performance best practices rules and output the result as HTML-files.

I started working with the idea of creating sitespeed.io as a pet project when I was on parental leave. I started creating a tool that tested sites against performance best practice rules, completely built in Java, but making this kind of thing without a browser is not a good idea. After a rewrite, I started to use the Yslow version of PhantomJS. Think everyone knows about Yslow and the extra fine thing about it nowadays is that you can create your own rules, and that is good because quite much going on the last couple of years.

PhantomJS is a headless browser, it is really cool! It will access your page, parse the CSS/JS exactly as a real browser. There are some small defects in Yslow/PhantomJS so in the (far) future I will look into fethcing HAR files from real browsers.

For more information, read the documentation or fork the repository @ Github.

Written by: Peter Hedenskog